At Natural Stone Repairs our services include the following:


  • Polishing - Using our unique polishing processes allows us to polish most natural and composite stone surfaces, achieving optimum shine finishes and allowing the stone to be maintained with ease.
  • Honing - Grinding - We hone and grind stone surfaces with mess and dust free processes which allows us to work with in residential environments. We specialise in removing scratching and etching caused by acidic items.
  • Anti-Acid Treatment - This product allows us to treat marble bench tops and stops unsightly etching caused by anything acidic. It leaves the stone at a natural finish which prevents customers from having to put plastic artificial coatings over their stone.
  • Sealing - We use a high variety of professional state of the art sealing products which allows us to protect and enhance your precious stone surface. We have sealers to suit surface such as marble, slate, bluestone, sandstone, terrazzo, limestone, granite and concrete.
  • Waterproofing - Silicone - Making sure your floors and shower bases are water tight is crucial as minor water leakers can cause big problems, so call us today for free inspection.
  • Grout Restoration - If scrubbing your grout is not giving you the desired results we have the solution for that renewed look which can make a huge difference in cost of replacement and making easier maintenance.
  • Chip and crack repair - By using our special epoxy resins and acrylic adhesives allows us to colour match the stone, repairing unsightly cracks and chips on most surfaces.
  • Driveway restoration - Is your driveway looking warn and weathered? If so call us today to find out how to make it look new again or check out gallery to see before and afters.

NSR provides a various range of products and services at competitive prices using the latest technology, glues and equipment for all domestic and commercial needs. Our services range from small bathroom vanities to large lobby entrances - no job to big or small.